To All The Wonderful Mamas

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Every Tuesday, we feature Moms and their inspiring stories, be it through poetry, Q & A or just a narration of their day to day lives. I have interviewed and come across the most wonderful ones since we started the feature. We have laughed together, cried together and encouraged each other through various experiences. I have come out much stronger than I ever was before the Feature started. That is why this post is dedicated to all the Mamas who have been kind and brave enough to share their stories with us, allowing us to see that we are all the same, irrespective of race, color, tribe, background or economic placement. I thank you.

Read all the wonderful stories we have featured here: Mom Stories

And to all my friends, critics, readers and guest writers, thank you. The Kenyan Mom came to be through the encouragement, support, and even bullying by all of you. The coming year will be even better, thanks to suggestions and great advice from all of you.

Happy New Year and let us make this year an even more inspiring one! Onwards and upwards my friends..

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