The Secret to Eating Out

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I love to cook. Seriously! I do! I even have a schedule of what to cook when. Which is no shocker because my life is governed by schedules. Without them, everything runs amock. Cooking has a grounding, calming effect, and it is one of those artistic activities where you get to eat the art at the end. Besides, my household loves to eat. A lot. But, like everyone else I know, I also love eating out. Sometimes I just want to sit and have this scrumptious meal, that I did not prepare, served to me. Sitting back and enjoying. We however know the pitfalls of eating out. Sometimes the budget does not allow or we end up overdoing it, especially if you are like me who has more than one person to think about when it comes to eating out.

After a few experiments of my own, these are the general rules I go by. Because, it would be nice to eat out for one but who wants to eat out and then get back home and cook?

Eating Out Out

Going out is one of those family activities that everyone in my household cherishes. Getting out of routine, playing, eating and generally lazing about. The best way to approach this is to have a couple of malls handy, that you determine as your going out, eating out spots. There is a boy called Junior, who will require full on entertainment and hand-picking malls well in advance enables me know which ones will keep him well occupied with kiddie related activities. Malls are also good because they sell the ‘sin’ foods at reasonable prices. I allow these. You know, the greasy, pizza, fries, burgers and sodas that you know you are not supposed to eat but you just can’t help yourself! We all deserve such treats and my household is not any different.

Eating Out In

Spoiling myself. And my household. With the nice, rich properly prepared meals. Like Chinese or Thai or Ethiopian Cuisines. These meals do not come cheap. But here is a secret. The best way to have these is by ordering in. That is what I am calling Eating Out In. When you are served one helping of this meal in the particular restaurant, you are bound to clean out your plate. But did you know that sometimes the individual portions are quite large and can actually be eaten by two people? I thought it was a coincidence at first. But over and over again, I have noticed that these meals, once ordered in end up serving as left overs for another day. You eat exotic, do not spend too much money and in the comfort of your own home.

It takes time to come up with rules that work well with you and your family. So long as you are looking to improve the quality of your household, these do come with time. Which other rules work best for you, whether in a family setting or as an individual?

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