The Pumwani Maternity Hospital Visit

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Today’s Feature is dedicated to the moms of Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Where I spent my Jamuhuri Holiday. I did tell you, in detail, that I planned to visit the moms. I even told you I needed company and I needed help in making the visit possible. I am now here to tell you that my pleas were heard. With the short notice, I did get support. Both in terms of overwhelming words of encouragement, constant calls to find out how it was going as well as material support. I even had a few people, who missed the post and updates requesting not to be left out in the next visit. I was humbled.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that up till the morning of the visit, we were still running around receiving contributions, collecting more items to deliver to the moms, and the visit that was supposed to have happened at around 10:00am ended up happening at 12:00pm.

We arrived at the hospital and as usual, were received by an amazing Sister-In-Charge. This time, she was not her usual bubbly self. On getting into her office, I found an elderly lady and a young gentleman in her office. The mood in the office told me that they were not in the happy mood I was in. She told me to wait outside, as she finished with the now uncontrollably weeping lady. I felt sudden sadness even before I knew what the story was. I later learnt that her daughter had passed away while giving birth. High Blood Pressure related complication. Unfortunately, her baby did not survive either. I felt my heart torn out of my chest and I broke down. Good thing that I had my company outside and I had time to compose myself, as I went to inform them of what had happened and that we would need to wait while the Sister-In-Charge handled the case. That gave us time to organise ourselves and the items we had carried.

Half an hour later, we were ready to see the moms. The entourage, which included Evans Muriu of Kuna Vijana was very helpful. Two other organisations came through with such amazing speed and I would like to sincerely thank them. Path To Womanhood and Maridadi. These organisations have taken it upon themselves to help the less fortunate in the society and they are doing such great work.

We were ushered to the new moms ward, and together with the helpful nurses, we delivered our gifts to very excited moms! As moms know, when you have your bundle of joy, you are on happiness overdrive and we sat chatting with the moms about their babies, expectations, fears and they were very glad we visited. So were we.

We could all have been elsewhere, having fun or taking well deserved breaks, but we chose to bring a smile to the moms of Pumwani Maternity Hospital. Days later, we were still talking about the experience, which was made entirely possible by the support we received from you. We thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

You can view more of the captured moments here. The smiles that tell it all.

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