The Happy Laughter of Children

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Today’s Featured Mama expresses herself best with poetry. She is a blogger at Follow Your Shadow.

By Sonya Kassam

Image Courtesy of Ed Parton

Nose crinkling
Mouth twitching
Pouring out smiles
With twinkling eyes
A burst of laughter
Echoing for long after


A wave of glitter
Million butterflies flitter
Hiccups double fold
Stars of diamond and gold
Sunset with moonrise
Thrilling rainbow slides
Whirl like a sufi
Hold your first trophy
Floating in the warm sea
Taking me back to me

A presence undeniable
Powerful yet subtle
Grace of the Creator
Flowing through a child’s laughter

The creativity of moms is amazing! They can express themselves in various forms. If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

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