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Meet our Featured Mom this week.

Kenyan Mom: How Many children do you have?

Susan: ONE.

Kenyan Mom: What experiences with your child are most memorable for you?

Susan: The day my son was born 09/09/2011. I had been in labor from 6a.m to 12p.m and the pain was out of this world. The whole time I just wanted to get to the delivery room to get the baby out. At around 12.30 p.m, I finally delivered. He had a great pair of lungs, thats for sure. The nurse laughed as the little man greeted her by peeing in her face. The moment was when I first saw him, I saw God and his wonders. I marveled at how he could create this being and place him in my belly to form into this adorable thing.

The day the UC peg fell off. I called everyone. It had become my obsession to see it fall off. I still have it!

The first time he pooped the poop that leaves the diaper and goes all the way to the back and you are left wondering what to do. His dad almost flipping a coin to determine who deals with it.

The first time he said mama..

Kenyan Mom: We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had your child ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Susan: My son has taught me to appreciate my mom more. You can never fully get what it takes to be a mom till you are one. To love a person unconditionally, to put their needs first and to learn patience to know that he will reach those milestones when he is ready.. Still waiting for the teeth a year on.lol

We have also learnt to catch a baby mid air before they have a fall and that you can never say no or stop enough times when you are dealing with a toddler…

Kenyan Mom: Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. What’s in your baby’s breakfast tray?

Susan:A bowl of uji.

Kenyan Mom: Healthy! Balancing work and children, any 2 tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Susan: No work should come ahead of your baby. Do both but in your priorities you know which one comes first.

Kenyan Mom: Independence is what we Moms seek for our children. How do you get your child to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Susan: I try not to spoil my son. I let him do things on his own that he can do but really at his age we are not yet there.

Kenyan Mom: Good start! Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activity does your child enjoy most?

Susan: Crawling up the stairs.

Kenyan Mom: Woah! The joys of watching dare devling in boys! lol. What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer your child have in their snack box/plate?

Susan: He only has yoghurt and fruits as snacks but once in a while I give him chocolate.

Kenyan Mom: Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and your child.

Susan: For my son currently I use distraction to keep him away from what he shouldn’t be doing. I plan on dialogue in future but if that fails, I believe in the rod. It was used on me and it made me who I am.

Kenyan Mom: Agreed! A little spanking goes a long way. One last word to all of us Moms.

Susan: To mums I say put God at the center of this journey. We have been given a superhuman task and we can’t do it alone. Do not forget to bless your children, you have spiritual authority over them do not hand it to anyone. Let them hear their strength from you before they face the world. That will negate all the bad things they might be told.

The best way to teach a child is through your actions.

Do not judge your fellow mothers we are never given a manual for this and whenever you can,build someone up rather than tear them down.

Kenyan Mom: We all have products that we cannot do without in our houses. What product do you prefer?

Susan: Mine include:

Margarine: Blueband
Cooking Oil: Elianto
Detergent/laundry soap: Sunlight
Toilet Cleaner: Harpic
Air Freshener: Glade
Bath Soap/Gel: Protex

Can I hear an amen from moms who have perfected the art of catcing a baby mid-air? If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

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