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Sienna is well known in the twitter circles. She is one of the most lively moms you could ever come across! She is the mom to a beautiful baby girl whom we have all come to know as ‘Junebug’. I, like most of you, have always been curious as to the story behind the name ‘Junebug’. And this is what she told me:

Sienna: Why Junebug? I was sick throughout my pregnancy and since I was indoors mostly, I told people my inability to retain food was because of a stomach bug I got in June. I wanted my peace of mind till she was born. While we are here, I can now tell you my baby’s name is Zoe.

Kenyan Mom: That is the most creative story I’ve heard around here! And Junebug suits Zoe so well. What experience with your baby is most memorable for you?

Sienna: When she was learning how to walk, I’d get so excited that I kept clapping. The next thing I knew is she kept trying to walk while clapping and still maintaining balance. I was so proud.

Kenyan Mom: Aaaw! She must have thought clapping was part of walking! We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had ‘Junebug’ ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Sienna: Yes, tonnes. I love how she stops to laugh at nothing and everything and makes sure she has your attention so you can join in. You learn not to take life too seriously. Or when a song plays in the radio/ TV and she shakes her head then insists you do the same. Best is when she fights another kid and a minute later, they are friends.

Kenyan Mom: Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. What’s in your baby’s breakfast tray?

Sienna:I alternate her breakfast every week with either Weetabix, oats or porridge. All served with yogurt or fruit and downed with milk.

Kenyan Mom: Balancing work and children, any 2 tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Sienna: Being a single parent, I decided to work half day doing my freelance IT, then the other half I spend it with my kid doing all sorts of activities and that includes helping me out with baking cakes (my other job).

Kenyan Mom: Independence is what we Moms seek for our children. How do you get your baby to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Sienna: She is a bit young so for now I just make such activities fun. We race to put her toys away, she carries the pegs tin so we hang clothes, she even cleans the table etc.

Kenyan Mom: Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activity does Zoe enjoy most?

Sienna: Don’t know if this is a phase but she currently fights a lot despite my warnings. I plan on introducing her to some sport where she can work off that aggression or simply learn to play fair. She also likes music related activities like dancing and playing the keyboard.

Kenyan Mom: Sometimes excess energy can turn into aggression. She could also just be trying to assert herself. It’s just one of those very lovely stages we go through. Enjoy. What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer your baby have in her snack box/plate?

Sienna: I am the worst mom ever. I bake cakes, cupcakes and fruit pies so almost on a daily basis she gets to indulge. But I make sure she eats balanced meals.

Kenyan Mom: Wow! You are the mom we all would like to be! A baking mom! She’s one lucky ‘bug’ this one. Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and ‘Junebug’?

Sienna: I don’t believe in spanking my kid though I have been tempted when things get thick. Time out works wonders. When she has really misbehaved, I put her on her feeding chair, strap her in then make the chair face the wall for a record one minute.

Kenyan Mom: One last word to all of us Moms.

Sienna: It’s a tough world out there, so once in a while, stop what you’re doing and participate in your child’s favourite game even if it’s as simple as reading her a book.

Kenyan Mom: We all have products that we cannot do without in our houses. What product do you prefer?

Sienna: My Choices are:

Margarine: Blueband.
Cooking Oil: Rina Sunflower Oil.
Detergent/laundry soap: Ariel.
Toilet Cleaner: Harpic.
Bath Soap/Gel: Cussons Imperial Leather for adults and Dettol Soap for my baby.

There you have it. Curiosity satisfied. The story of Sienna and ‘Junebug’. If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

3 Comments to “Featured Mom – Sienna Kigera”

  • Thanks for the feature :)

    • My pleasure :)

  • Aaaaaaw cute pic. Look at you two. Zoe must be in school now. I love this “It’s a tough world out there, so once in a while, stop what you’re doing and participate in your child’s favourite game even if it’s as simple as reading her a book.” Those words carry a whole lot of weight in them, as simple as it seems. It is the foundation of a great relationship between any parent and their child

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