Perils Of Mindless Eating

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I have been a poor victim of this. You go to a buffet, and your palatte is tantalized by the beauty of the food laid before you. You make a beeline to the plates and start loading your plate. And when the plate is full, you promise yourself to come back for the second serving and perhaps third, right before you settle in to dessert.

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When you are in this state of mind, you really are not thinking. You are not questioning what your body truly needs. Or even what you are putting into your body and the toll it is having on your digestive system. Well, until the following day when you are stuck in a toilet bowl because your system is trying to clear out all the junk you put in it. Or you are rolling on your bed with a stomach ache because something you ate or the quantity you ingested did not agree with your system. You swear to yourself ‘I will never touch a buffet table again. Better yet, I will never attend parties’. Yet, this is something you have said over and over again. Yes, I have been here.

Sometimes when we are mindlessly eating, it is because we are not involving our whole being in eating. We can also be comfort-eating or we could just be following our friends in binge eating. But before you stuff your mouth with that extra spoonful of food, ask yourself, how will I feel tomorrow? Do I need this much food? Are there other fun things I could be engaging my brain on? Because I have realised, if you take a step back and analyse what food is in front of you, you will know what to eat, and how much to eat.

Enjoy all the food you like. But do not overdo it. Remember, a one time binge may not produce any negative effects. But what will happen is, you have introduced something in your mind, saying that ‘look! we actually can binge-eat!’ and next time it will be easier. Before you know it, you are in a habit that you wish you could break, or your system is falling apart on you and you don’t know how to go back to healthy eating.

It’s the holiday season. We know how we love to stuff ourselves with all the goodies that are laid before us. But before you scoop that 3rd helping of ice cream, sit back, knock back a glass of water and ask yourself if you really need it.

Happy healthy eating!

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