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At some point in our lives, we have to move out of home. With this move, comes the need for essentials. Like a sufuria, a mwiko, ugali floor, and most importantly, furniture. Yes. A bed, a comfortable sofa a coffee table… you know, the standard ones. Fast forward to the day you will marry or get married. You have a bigger house, you need your family to sit comfortable and feel that when they come home, they have actually come to their favorite haven.

If you are like me, you have experience the frustration and disappointment that carpentry can be! You go order that awesome seat you found at the carpenter’s shop. The carpenter tells you ‘hiyo ni ya display’ (that one is for display purpose only). And the truth is, it is put there on purpose. To attract the unsuspecting you. So you go ahead and order an exact replica of the ‘display’ furniture. It is a replica alright, but only the top cover! Because a week into your family enjoying (and if you have hyper-active kids like my Junior, jumping up and down), the frame on ‘wonderful’ seat falls apart! And your heart breaks. You decide to go to the fundi and suddenly, he is not as polite or cordial as he was when you were a potential customer!

Enter Antarc Furniture. Specializing in all sorts of furniture! Me? I am more interested in their awesome home furniture. Even better, the fact the said furniture is affordable and if you point at a seat or a bed, you walk away with that exact piece. Goodbye headache and hello a beautifully furnished home and good quality furniture!

Life is a hustle as it is. Money doesn’t grow on trees. If I am going to spend money on furniture, then I want to know that it will outlast Junior till he moves away from home! Truth is, instead of using money to replace or repair furniture, it is best to use this money to grab other pieces of furniture for either your house or for gifting your friends or family (which you can still get from Antarc)! It is time consuming and mentally exhausting to find a good piece of furniture that suits your needs! You should visit these guys. They have stuff that will blow your mind. And with their guaranteed quality, you will never be disappointed! I mean, these guys have been in the furniture business for the last 19 years! Still not impressed? How about they have furniture that caters for people with back issues! Awesome, right?

So what are you waiting for? Kuona ni bure. Go check them out.

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