Featured Mom – Joy Mureithi, An Insurance Sales Executive.

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Kenyan Mom: How Many children do you have?

Joy: Two lovely girls.

Kenyan Mom: What experiences with your children are most memorable for you?

Joy: My girls are wonderful. They are very protective of each other. I remember coming home from work once and found Grace, the younger one crying while Jane, the older one was comforting her. It turned out that some other kids were bullying her and when Jane appeared, she scared them away and told them she is going to set the dog on them if they disturb her sister again. They ran away. That story brought comfort in me, knowing that they can be trusted to take care of each other.

Kenyan Mom: We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had your children ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Joy: Patience. Which mother never learns to be patient? Other than that, I have learnt that my girls look up to me to guide them through life. That is why I try my best to be a role model.

Kenyan Mom: Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. What’s in your children’s breakfast trays?

Joy:Breakfast, like any other meal in my house is family time. So we all have the same item in our tray. Toast, eggs, either boiled or fried and tea. Everyone is supposed to take a fruit also. I value a balanced diet.

Kenyan Mom:Balancing work and children, any 2 tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Joy: Yes. It’s very tempting to carry work home. It is even important sometimes. But during meals, no phones or work. That is family time. Also, make your children understand the kind of work they do. That way, they don’t feel left out and they might learn something in the process.

Kenyan Mom: Independence is what we Moms seek for our children. How do you get your children to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Joy:My girls have chores. I see them sometimes exchanging duties, which I don’t mind so long as chores get done. Cleaning the house, cleaning dishes, making beds and cooking things like rice. These are duties that are allocated to my girls.

Kenyan Mom:Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activities do your children enjoy most?

Joy: Grace loves football. You’ll find her chasing the ball with boys most of the time. Jane is the more ‘girly’ one. She’ll skip rope forever and she also loves volleyball.

Kenyan Mom: What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer your children have in their snack box/plate?

Joy: I am not too strict in regards to snacks. It’s hard to restrict what my girls are snacking on, especially since they are at that fast growing phase. I have never seen snacks interfer with their meals.

Kenyan Mom: Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and your children?

Joy: Taking away privileges. They are a little old for spanking. That gets them in line. No one wants to hear that they will not go for swimming this weekend or no volleyball for a week.

Kenyan Mom:One last word to all of us Moms.

Joy: Go with the flow. There is no right or wrong way of parenting, so long as you are determined to bring your kids right. Be patient. You will get there.

Kenyan Mom: We all have products that we cannot do without in our houses. What product do you prefer?

Joy: These ones we choose as a family. It gets even better since we are all girls:

Margarine: Blue Band
Cooking Oil: Elianto.
Detergent/laundry soap: Omo.
Toilet Cleaner: Harpic.
Air Freshener: Glade.
Bath Soap/Gel: Dove.

A house full of girls. Can you imagine the girls night in and activities involved? Fun! If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

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