Isabela Samora – The Joys Of Pregnancy

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Isabela Samora is a mom-to-be. She is currently 34 weeks pregnant, and she and I have been exchanging mommy banter on social media. It’s been a few years since I was last pregnant, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The joys the shocks the giddy moments. And I wanted to re-live them again through this mama. Here’s her story:

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“I never thought pregnancy could be ‘fun.’ Every day I learn and experience miracles happening inside me that make me grateful to be a woman and be pregnant. Of course there are those really tiring days but so far I have no major complaints. My journey … only God could have made things work out this well for me.

I realized I was pregnant when I was already two months gone. I was by then being treated for eczema (a skin disorder that causes the skin to react in an abnormal manner to normal environmental and/or dietal conditions) using herbal medication. So the nausea, tiredness, lack of sleep, no menses and other symptoms I had, I thought were brought on by the herbs. I started using the herbs less frequently as I was tired of feeling so sick and weak every day and I could not go to work either. When I did not get my period even after quitting the herbal medication I suspected I was pregnant. I took three pregnancy tests just to be sure and an ultrasound days later to make sure it wasn’t ectopic or anything of the sort. Before I took the tests, as much as I was sure I was pregnant I wasn’t sure on how to deal with it. When I later took the confirmation tests at first I was scared, tense, and nervous. I still wanted to keep the baby. That was the only thing that kept me level headed, no matter what happens I will keep my baby.

Now that the pregnancy was confirmed, it was time to break the news to my family. The hardest part was breaking the news to my mum. I was not sure how she would handle the news. I felt that as much as she would be happy to have her first grandchild, she would be terribly disappointed in me. I told mum about the pregnancy about a month after I found out. After enough sleepless nights and nightmares I decided it wasn’t worth hiding the fact that I was pregnant. I had already totally accepted the baby, mum would not let me move out even after several attempts of trying to sell the idea to her (comes with being a last born I guess) and she was happy about the baby. My body was changing fast, in a matter of time mum would have noticed if she hadn’t already. I broke the news to her one early morning, on a weekday before we all got ready for work. I woke up at 3am, sat in bed trying to figure out how I was going to tell her the news. I couldn’t find the words so took with me the ultra sound results, knocked on mum’s bedroom door, she woke up. I told her, “I have something to tell you.” She sat up, looking quite worried, asked me what was wrong, if I was sick… I simply replied “No” and gave her the envelope containing the news. As she took her reading glasses and read through the contents my mind was racing and I kept telling myself if she kicks me out she had the right to do so.

She read the results, and goes ahead to congratulate me in a genuinely happy and excited tone. I sat there confused, wondering if I had given her my school results or something of the sort. I looked at what she had read and yes they were my results but no, not the reaction I thought I would get. “So you are pregnant?” I said “Yes.” She asked me a few more questions about my health and if I was ok … I started crying and couldn’t stop. I can’t describe how I was feeling, quite an overwhelming stream of emotions. Don’t I have the best mum in the world?

Mum accepting the pregnancy was a shocker. Just like that I felt a burden was lifted off my shoulders. The way she went about getting ready for work and making breakfast, singing happily to every tune she could. The rest of my family also was happy about the news and they all show it in different ways even today.

I can’t wait to see my baby. To be able to hold those tiny hands and see those feet that give me some serious kicks to the ribs. I can’t wait to look at those eyes and see myself in them. The best bit I think about being a mom is seeing yourself in your child. The way you deal with life, the way you talk to people and treat them will be brought out in your child. I may not change much habit-wise but I can’t wait to see what it is about me that I will ‘re-invent’ just to teach my child the way to live.”

Doesn’t this mama-to-be have the best family in the world?! I know the anxiety of wondering how to break the news of your pregnancy to your mom. I went through it too. I’m sure a few other moms have as well! We’ll be following up on her to hear her experience with her bundle of joy.

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4 Comments to “Isabela Samora – The Joys Of Pregnancy”

  • sam wat an wil make a good mum to your daughter.jus like the way i met you and i liked you.i cant wait to be an aunt too.wish you a safe delivery

    • Thank you Soni. Feels awesome to have friends like you (great aunty right there), I consider myself quite blessed.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww……teary eyed…:-( u’ll be an awesome mama!!

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