I Want To Be A Dad Some Day

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By Albert Kimani

Before I start this blog post, I should probably give you a heads up; this is my first time blogging. So the next question is, why now? Well, I lost a game of chicken to @thekenyanmom. She had dared me to check out of my room with the hotel’s bathrobe in my person. What can I say, blogging seems like a bargain to as compared that, no? Actually, I’m bribing her but don’t tell her. Moving along; I’m a young man and an aspiring parent….if there is such a thing. Not many men my age out there would publicly admit to this, but there you go. I hope to one day be father, a dad and parent……bring up my brood and proudly say I did something worthwhile on my stay on this here earth.

I have had quite a number of ‘fights’ (which I lost) with the Kenyanmom over the fact that this platform locks out the involvement of dads. ‘…..start your own for dads platform…’, she says. Well I just might, but that’s a discussion for another day. So where was I…….I am an aspiring father, yes and I hope to have a brood of my own someday.

Am at that age where my aunts have started to pull me aside ‘to talk’ and mischievously sneak in the ‘when are we eating your rice’ question, of which I would reply ‘am actually working on it’. This happens at family gatherings, plus I have five aunts and the last of my age mate cousins just married the other day. Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding; she is Rwandese….she says my name funny, then again I can’t pronounce her name without my mother tongue’s attempt to intervene…… Anyways, PRESSURE!!

But truthfully, am working on it. Thing is, I worry a little about parenthood. My biggest worry would be damaging my kids psychologically or something. Yes, I fear the fact that I might not empower my kids enough to be the best they can be in life; what would be a parent’s duty if not that. I did a small poll on the fears of parenthood among my yet to enter that ‘tax bracket’ friends. Well the responses were as interesting as they can be: some said they feared their kids would be slow at school, social awkwardness, skin colour, kids growing up to hate them as parents……..you name it. What are your fears? Ask among your peers and see what comes up.

As a consolation, I think I will have done my job as a parent if my daughter and son don’t end up as props on Naswa (harsh?).

In other news, I have this recurring nightmare of my three year old daughter cleaning my iPad along with the utensils in her attempt to prove how all grown she is……. *gasp* Allow me to recover the color on my face……

2 Comments to “I Want To Be A Dad Some Day”

  • Nice read…. All the best Albert!!!

  • This is really good. Great to know even men share those parenthood fears.

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