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Being A Happy Mom

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By Lilian Mwihaki

A happy mom equals a happy family

When you become a mom it seems like all you do is work, you are responsible for someone else if not one, it could be a clan! You are naturally responsible for everyone else and little time for yourself. Excuses are made that we are engineered to carry the load, that we are superwomen; however, even a beast of burden has its breaking point.

The fact that you are reading this article means you are taking time off your schedule to do something out of the norm. A mom is a cook, chauffer, cleaner, career woman, nurse, adviser, lover, mediator, and decision-maker, these responsibilities can take their toll and it is important to rediscover the “you” even with all these responsibilities. Here are some of the steps you can take to rediscover yourself and avoid burn out:

Stop multi tasking and prioritize

The belief that women are better at multi tasking than men, however multi tasking is bad for everyone according to sociologists, Professor Miller ‘The human brain is far happier focusing on one task through to its completion (or as near as completion as appropriate) before switching to another, and by trying to juggle several tasks at once, we put the brain under enough pressure to end up stressed, in a rage, and even with reduced IQ levels by as much as 10 points…’, Professor Miller, who studies the dangers of multi-tasking says that it can induce brain fog and yet we’re very good at deluding ourselves that it’s working.

A mother is the first teacher your child has, as such you are a role model to your children; they need to experience calmness and responsibility. In a multi tasking situation, you will always have things half way done, resulting to moments of frustration thus exposing your child to experiences of a stressed out, exhausted mom.

Prioritize with your children schedule in mind. Nothing is more important than spending time with your children. Upon prioritizing, you will have a clear time line of what needs to be done at what time; as a result you will avoid multi tasking, you will also be able to stay in the moment and enjoying it, for instance if you are at work, work and when you get home, be a mom completely.

Say NO, as women we find it hard to say NO either to workmates, friends, spouses, family or even our children. By saying yes to demands, you will end up with extra schedule on your priority list and you will not be able to meet your commitments causing disappointment to those you said yes to. Always take time before you say YES to a request so that you can analyze how it is going to affect your set schedule and priorities.

Talk, Talk, Talk some more

Do not lock yourself away, make a point to talk to other women on your experiences, you will be surprised how much you learn from other mothers. Hearing or reading about other mothers experiences will help you to realize you’re not alone and that it is better that women talk about these issues than to pretend they do not exist. For example, the surprise of working in male dominated environments, the life after-birth, managing a career and/or stays at home mom, the challenges such as depression that can creep up on you unawares, the challenges presented by affairs and/or divorce, and the sheer unexpectedness of hormonal changes and challenges of nurturing children.

Anxiety, worries, depression, and stress disorders are mental health issues that you might face as a full-time mom with many responsibilities. It is important that you do not neglect such issues when they arise because they are as are as weakening as physical illnesses. Unhappiness, uneasiness, and sadness could be foundation in depression, stress, or anxiety; such women can tend to blame themselves for not being adequate or strong enough to pull through the down times. If you are experiencing more than a week of constant sadness, blue moods, feeling down, and disliking yourself, talk through your feelings and concerns with a friend, parent or spouse or ask for help without guilt from support groups, mother and child groups, relationship groups.

Remember who you are

Irrespective of your job, your mothering role, you are a woman first with as much right as anyone else and you should lead a fulfilled life. A reassurance that the motherhood journey is worthwhile is through the tough times, amazing moments, incredible love and intimacy. Amongst all these rewards, remember to keep something just for you, not work related, such as meet up with girl friends, drive, outing, spend plenty of time laughing either watch comedies, read funny books or jokes, engage in thought provoking discussions that are not children related.

This kind of self worth rejuvenation is not only beneficial to you but also to your children to remain true to themselves and to respect mothers are individuals in their own right.

Even with these steps, the bottom line is that every mother deserves to enjoy her children, relationships, and work, so do not deny yourself the possibility of having a more enjoyable and worry free life when you are organized.

Featured Mom – Nelius Kori

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I have never met a mom who didn’t have something fascinating to say about their child. If you are keen enough, you will always catch something unique about each child. And why shouldn’t they be unique? Our children have talents that we can nurture, if only we pay close attention.

This week, we are featuring Nelius Kori, an IT Consultant and her son, Jaden. Jaden is an active, future soccer player. Despite her hectic schedule, Nelius makes sure that her son’s talent is nurtured, no matter what. Here’s her story:

My name is Nelius. I am an IT consultant but currently working as a P.A./ Online marketer. Its an 8-5 job so can get pretty hectic but i try my best to get home early to spend time with my son. I love the fact that he is a smart boy. and so active. Every evening when I get off work we have to play soccer, no matter how exhausted I am.

Jaden is 2 years 4 months now. He was born on 4th August 2011. Yes, he shares a birthday with a great man. President Barrack Obama.

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I cried. A lot. I had just graduated from college and could not imagine being pregnant. After all, I had just been employed and had already decided, just like any newly employed college girl, that my fisrt salary was going to be spent on shoes and clothes. I am however thankful for my support system of family and friends. Within a week I started enjoying the nuances of pregnancy.

Jaden and I spend sundays together. Just the two of us. We do lots of things including watching cartoons. We love dancing. So we put on loud music and dance around the house as we play peek-a-boo. He loves it! And I enjoy it very much. It’s the perfect way to kick back after a hectic week.

Jaden’s first word was boo(car) he loves cars. I remember when he took his first step I was at work. I felt so sad because that is a milestone I had missed. No mom wants to miss their child’s first step. I got home that evening and I could not make him walk unaided, no matter how hard I tried to convince him! After a while, he walked for mama and I was so proud! He took his frst steps at 10 and a half months.

As a single mum to a boy, its not easy. You have to make sure he learns alot. He does spend time with his dad but i feel i have to do a lot more to bring up a responsible man in this society. I love being a mom. Its the best and most rewarding job ever and I would never trade it for anything else.

I love the mom life. I love my lil’ man.

Your Children Are Not Your Life

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Your bundle of joy arrives. Tears cannot stop streaming down your cheeks. At that moment, you swear to yourself, your life starts and ends with this angel sent to you from God. And truly, it does. You live and breath your child. Nothing else matters. We have all been here. It is a wonderful place to be, and for the first couple of years, no other place is exciting or can draw your attention.

For those couple of years, it is where you should be! The baby needs you. You are all that child needs. You are food, protector and teacher all wrapped up in one. Time comes however, when we need to losen the reigns a little. As moms, we sometimes do not know what this time is. The reason why we fail to know or even acknowledge that it is time for us to let our children breath, is because we dropped our lives altogether, once our children appeared in the picture.

What is wrong with this, you ask? First of all, we all need to realise that as much as our children are individuals, we too are individuals. We had a life before our children, and it should never be put on hold because we have our babies. Slowing down, sure. Dropping a couple of things, expected! But not ceasing to live. For one thing, the best way that children learn is by observing how we live our lives. How then, can we give them something to observe, if we are not living these lives?

Let’s look at children. Ever heard of children who complain that their parents smother them? There is love, and then there is smothering our children. Too much ‘love’ becomes a stumbling block in future for our children. In the end, the children then end up blaming, or even hating parents, because they were not allowed to experience living. We get carried away in trying to protect our children that we do not let them grow and experience things. You will not let your child in the kitchen because they might burn themselves. You will not let your child learn how to operate the cooker because, well, fire hazard! You will not let them ride a bike because, God forbid, should they fall and scrape their pretty little knees, your life will fall apart.

Question, do you want your children to have these accidents when they are away from home, or under your roof? Think about that the next time you tell your little one that they cannot go camping because it is not safe, or they cannot go visit their friends lest they get stolen.

Remember, we create the world we want. If you live in fear that something bad will happen to your child, then it will. You do not also want to pass on this irrational fear on to your child, no matter how much you want to protect them. One way or another, they will experience life, and it would be helpful if mommy or daddy had guided them on basics of life, rather than shielding them.

Also, get a life! No, seriously! Don’t let the arrival of your child take living out of the equation. It is the only way you will avoid smothering your child. And from this, they will learn to be good parents and you will be a very happy grandparent, knowing that you contributed to how your grandchildren were brought up.

Herbs – Come Brew With Me

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If you follow the Kenyan Mom Twitter Account or Kenyan Mom Facebook Page, you will notice that I have been posting quite a number of updates on herbs. First, these are the herbs that I have been using. No, I have not become a herbivore. Actually, I have become part vegetarian, which is not a herbivore! Ok, I digress.

See in my reading (actually overreading) sprees, I have come across a number of herbs and because I love experimenting on myself and others, I figured there’s no better way to experiment on myself and others with herbs. And when I talk about experiment, imagine illegal looking items boiling in a pot. During said experiments, I have come across some very interesting (read bitter like that chloroquine pill we used to take as kids), sweet, tangy and outrightly flat herbs. But, in the process, I have also come across herbs that are actually medicinal. Yep. Medicinal.

Take for example the Chamomile. That is one herb that turns that stomach cramp into nothing but an annoyance. It really does work! If, like me, you don’t like eating fruits and your Vitamin C is wanting, herbs like Hibiscus are quite rich in Vitamin C. I have even tried the cliche herb, Neem. Let me tell you something about Neem Herbal Tea. It is so bitter you feel like jumping out the window in hope that the bitterness will fly out of you before you hit ground! But the benefits of this magic plant are like you cannot believe! From malarial treatment, heart disease and hypertension therapy, counteracting ulcers and arthritis, blood purification… I haven’t even listed half the things that this wonder plant does! Trust me, it’s not mere hyperbole.

By the way, you need to really read about Herbs and their benefits and side-effects, especially if you do not have an experimental streak like me, or suffer from severe allergies. Me? I’m still experimenting and I’ll keep posting my discoveries either here or on the Twitter or Facebook Page, so see you next Herb testing moment!

Child Correction And Empowerment

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If you have a child, especially one who is at a stage where they are good at expressing themselves (read will engage you in a tug of logic), you will understand when I say that it can be very trying. You love your child with everything you’ve got. Even when they get on your last nerve.

That said, you will need to correct your child when they do wrong. Sometimes they will do 5 wrong things in succession. Ok, let’s get more specific. Me and Junior, who is 7 years old and very opinionated always get into these tussles. It gets worse because you I do want him to learn to express himself in a non-grumbling way. I tend to become impatient when I am tired and while I know that as a parent I need to correct him in the best possible manner, I might get carried away and take the ‘blame’ route.

Yesterday, we were coming from his music lessons. He asked for my MP3 Player to listen to. The music I have on my player is very child-friendly, which I have worked on because I know he might sneak it without my knowledge to listen to. So when he borrowed it to listen, I gave it to him. Suddenly, he told me that one of the earphone had gotten spoilt. That was not very amusing, and I took it to repair it. Just as we were getting into the house, he removed his shoe in a way that spoilt it. Count with me. 2 spoilt things in a span of 5 minutes. That got to me and in a fit of anger and exhaustion, I asked him why he was spoiling everything. Note, these were just 2 things, that were accidentally spoilt.

He became very said and asked me what was wrong with him since he keeps spoiling things. That was when guilt and common sense came flooding in and after a long talk, I apologiesed to him and told him I understand that it was an accident. I told him that he needed to be more careful with things, so that such accidents can stop happening. Hugs and kisses later, we were back to the Junior and mama duo.

Moral of the story. Be very careful when correcting your child. You want them to learn, not to feel like constant failures and even go on to be afraid to try new things lest they fail. Correct your child in a more empowering way, so that they learn in the process.

Learning, Sharing, Inspiring and Getting Inspired Goes Face To Face

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Share, Learn, Inspire and Get Inspired is taking a face to face approach this August. If you have followed our community, you have come to appreciate the help and advice, not forgetting the inspirational stories that we share with each other. As moms, we have tons of questions, that we never get to ask or discuss with fellow moms or expert in various industries related to us.

That is why, this August, 24th Saturday 2013, at San Valencia Hotel, View Park Towers from 9:00am, we will all be sitting down for a chat after breakfast to ask and help each other, with a guiding panel. The panel will consist a working mom, a psychologist, a nutritionist and moms like you and me. We will be sharing our widom on what works and what doesn’t work at home and in the process of raising our children and earning a living.

For only Kshs.2,000/= payable via MPesa Buy Goods Till Number 89846, be part of this wonderful experience where we get to learn and inspire each other on the parenthood journey

Book your space via Facebook here: or Eventbrite here: or send an e-mail to info (at) kenyanmom (dot) com.

Postpartum Depression – Tracy’s Story

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When I took the pregnancy test (after the standard peeing on a stick) and realised I was pregnant, I could not wait to tell my husband. It was the happiest day of my life. We had been trying for a child for 2 years, and I was beginning to think I might not be among the lucky baby-bump bearing, lactating moms. We had been told that there was nothing wrong with either of us, and probably all that was plaguing us was anxiety. My husband and I had decided to relax, pray, and let nature take it’s course.

Other than the first 3 months of my pregnancy where morning sickness hit hard (I enjoyed every bit of it mark you), my pregnancy was very pleasant. Energy filled, glowing skin, lush hair and nails and a laugh that I could never get rid of. Mark always thought it sounded hideous but I did not care!

Fast-forward to 38 weeks. Labour hit hard, which although I had read everything there was to read and prepared myself mentally and emotionally, nothing could have prepared me for the pain involved. Still, I was so excited and I could not have traded the pain for anything in the world! I was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, 3,800grams in weight, through normal delivery. After all the excitement surrounding the birth, with friends relatives and doctors fussing over me and my little one, it was time for Mark and I to take our bundle of joy home.

We had decided we needed to be alone, just the 3 of us, to get to know each other and get used to being a family. We therefore did not hire any permanent help for the first 3 months. A temporary cleaning lady is all we engaged, who would come in during the day and leave after her chores were done. Timmy, our little angle was a fussy one. He could wake up all hours of the night but Mark was a God-sent and we managed quite well.

Or so we thought. Mark had taken 3 weeks leave, just to be around, and when he went back to work, I realised something was wrong. 2 weeks in, I had started feeling quite weepy, which we choked to exhaustion and hormones. It is to be expected. Only for me, it never went down. When Mark went back to work, it became worse. So bad was it, that when Tim cried, I would just watch him till he cried himself hoarse. That or I would break down and cry.

One morning, after Mark left for work, Tim got into his usual crying. Later, I learnt that he was being colicy. To this day, I don’t know whether I was noticing him crying and ignoring him or what was happening. I just remember our cleaning lady coming in, calling me from where I was seated, telling me the baby is crying and me staring at her with a blank face. She picked Tim up, soothed him with the milk I had expressed the previous day and called Mark from work. Mark then called my mom, who came over and after hearing that I had such episodes, recognised it as Postpartum Depression.

I was taken to the hospital, given some Anti-Depressants and we hired a permanent househelp. I was plagued with guilt for almost a year, after snapping out of the depression and realised what I had taken our son through. The doctor took time to assure me that it does happen and might go unnoticed, and after a few counselling sessions, I was able to start forgiving myself.

To this day, my heart still breaks when I remember those episodes. Tim is now a healthy 4 year old boy. I am sharing this story with you so that you can realise, motherhood is not easy. It can turn for the worse on a dime. Don’t take a mother’s look on face value and assume she is alright. Talk to her, and really listen.

To new moms and moms to be, do not isolate yourself. It is the only way friends and relatives will notice if something is wrong. Believe me or not, my episodes was among the ones considered minor. Moms have crippled, and even killed their children without intending to. You are allowed to rely on your support system, especially the first few months after giving birth.

All the best dear mamas.

What is Postpartum Depression (PPD)? Read about it here.

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Featured Mom – Serah Njogu

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Serah is an event organiser. Her days, and especially weekends are always packed with activity. This mama, however, always has time for her little girl and her husband. That is her first job, she says.

Image Courtesy of MirzelayArt

Kenyan Mom: How Many children do you have?

Serah: One. 5 year old Sylvia.

Kenyan Mom: What experiences with your child are most memorable for you?

Serah: The day I found her on the sink, trying to clean dishes. After the initial panic over the glasses and knives, I couldn’t help smile at her initiative! We ended up cleaning dishes together and we have done so ever since.

Kenyan Mom: We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had your child ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Serah: For a 5 year old girl, my Sylvia is very eager to learn. She will ask, and never give up even when you dismiss her. As adults, we easily give up when answers are not forthcoming. I’m learning not to.

Kenyan Mom: Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. What’s in your children’s breakfast trays?

Serah: She is a completely town baby. Weetabix and banana is her favorite breakfast. I like it because it is filling and healthy.

Kenyan Mom: Balancing work and children, any tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Serah: Being an Event Organiser means that you will have gigs at all hours. I make sure that any event I undertake does not clash with my husband or my schedule. This way, at least one of us is home to take care of Sylvia.

Kenyan Mom: Prioritizing! Very well laid out. How do you get your child to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Serah: My little girl is always eager to help around the house. I don’t even have to ask, she is always looking to do what mommy is doing. Like I mentioned earlier, we now do dishes together. She will clear the table and even attempt to clean it up.

Kenyan Mom: Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activities does your chil enjoy most?

Serah: Running. I supposed she picked it up because she was always running away from me during feeding time. I never restrain her. So she runs!

Kenyan Mom: What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer your child have in her snack box/plate?

Serah: Fruits. In my house, we are always munching on fruits. Children pick up on what parents do. Since we’ve always snacked on fruits, I suppose she finds it cool, and she does it as well.

Kenyan Mom: Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and your child?

Serah: A pinch here and there, time out and removing TV time as well. It works well.

Kenyan Mom:One last word to all of us Moms.

Serah: Trust in your child. It may not look like it but she is more than capable of surprising you, especially with the right guidance. She just needs to see the confidence you have in her.

Kenyan Mom: We all have products that we cannot do without in our houses. What product do you prefer?

Serah: Sometimes we swap a lot but these are the basic ones:

Margarine: Prestige Margarine.
Cooking Oil: Elianto.
Detergent/laundry soap: Persil.
Toilet Cleaner: Harpic.
Air Freshener: Glade.
Bath Soap/Gel: Geisha.

Knowing what you want for your family, then implementing systems that complement your work. This is what our featured mom is teaching us. If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

Featured Mom – Josephine Mutie

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When Josephine was growing up, she and her siblings used to play school. She loved being a teacher. A young girl’s dream came true and there’s nothing she loves more than teaching. That and raising her family.

This is what she had to share with us.

Kenyan Mom: How Many children do you have?

Josephine: Two. A boy, 10 years old and a girl 4 years old.

Kenyan Mom: What experiences with your children are most memorable for you?

Josephine: My children have grown up together. They have been close and what amazes me is the lack of rivalry between them. For a boy and a girl, that is quite remarkable. Tony is always treating his sister so well. Of course, there is the occasional shoving around of siblings but overall, they are wonderful together.

Kenyan Mom: We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had your children ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Josephine: Unconditional love. Tina once broke Tony’s toy and I knew all hell would break loose. It was Tony’s favorite toy. Tina has always been truthful and when she broke Tony’s toy, she ran to him crying saying that it broke. Tony gave her a scolding, which largely involved telling her that if she wants to play with his toys, she has to learn how to take care of them. Then a huge hug followed and they were friends again. That brought tears to my eyes. In hiding of course.

Kenyan Mom: Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. What’s in your children’s breakfast trays?

Josephine:We are very traditional. Making ndumas and sweet potatoes over the weekend and uji. I let the children decide what they want for breakfast since everything is quite healthy.

Kenyan Mom:Balancing work and children, any tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Josephine: I am a teacher. I will always have papers to grade, or class to prepare for. One thing that is always a priority is dinner. We sit down as a family. My husband is very helpful and he takes care of the children’s homework. That leaves dinner for catching up with everyone’s day. We love this time. Take time out to be with your family.

Kenyan Mom: This is a wonderful tip. Independence is what we Moms seek for our children. How do you get your children to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Josephine:Everyone in my family has a chores roster. That includes my husband (out of his own free will) and my 4 year old. She is in charge of setting up the table and helping mommy cook. This I feel has been very wonderful in teaching the children to be responsible.

Kenyan Mom:Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activities do your children enjoy most?

Josephine: Tony is quite outdoorsy. You will find him playing football with his friends or swimming or camping. Tina will be singing and dancing with mommy.

Kenyan Mom: What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer your children have in their snack box/plate?

Josephine: There are always healthy snacks in my house. Traditional ones. I also let the children indulge in biscuits and chocolate every now and then.

Kenyan Mom: Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and your children?

Josephine: My husband and I are quite traditional. That means we are the ‘spare the rod’ generation. It has worked for us, and continues to.

Kenyan Mom:One last word to all of us Moms.

Josephine: You are a mom. You have been blessed beyond words. What more could a woman ask for? Every single day, thank the Lord for your wonderful gift. And pray for other moms and moms to be. Gratitude opens doors for more miracles.

Kenyan Mom: We all have products that we cannot do without in our houses. What product do you prefer?

Josephine: These ones we choose as a family. It gets even better since we are all girls:

Margarine: Blue Band.
Cooking Oil: Kasuku.
Detergent/laundry soap: Toss.
Toilet Cleaner: Toss.
Air Freshener: Glade.
Bath Soap/Gel: Imperial Leather.

Who among us can say that our childhood dreams came true? Josephine can. If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

A Mama’s Pre-Election Jitters

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I love going to the market. Mostly because I enjoy shopping for vegetables. But even more than this, I get to chat the mamas in the market. They always have cool stories to share! Like Sarah Otieno, who always has the best tomatoes and spinach and a seat for me!

I have always chatted her up every time I go veggie shopping, and yesterday was no different. After roaming the market and tons of haggling, it was time to take a break, and I chose my favorite spot. Sarah’s stall. With a water melon in hand, we started catching up on issues. As we continued, we got into the most talked about issue in our country today. The elections. After a few exchanges, I noticed a worried look on her face. I wanted to know what had suddenly changed her demeanor and this is what she had to tell me.

Image Courtesy of Katie M. Berggren.

“You know Mama Junior, I love this country very much. But after what happened during the last elections, I am very worried. I am a praying woman, and I have been praying and fasting for this country a long time. And since we are on Lent, my main dedication has been this country. Not many people know this, but we people, who own stalls in markets were worst affected. As you know, this stall is my life and where I make money to feed, clothe and school my 2 children. Last election’s not only was my stall under threat, but my life as well.

As you have noticed, vendors here are from all tribes and we get along very well. We refer customers back and forth and we have co-existed for the last 15 years that I have been here. This was not the case when the post-election violence broke out. We were no longer friends. We turned against each other. We fought like we were fighting strangers. People lost their stalls. You wake up to come to work and find your stall and wares have been claimed by someone else, and they are holding a panga to you. You have no choice but to go back home. We went hungry.

We are optimistic, but to tell you the truth, we are scared. The market and our suppliers are not also committing to long-term supplies like we are used to. They say, let’s wait and see. I understand where they are coming from but this does not grant us much comfort. I plan on taking the children upcountry once the schools close for that one week, but I cannot afford to go away. I just hope with our strong faith, the love for our country and the lessons from our past, we can vote wisely, accept the results and move on with life, knowing that while some leaders will not have our best interests at heart, we, the common people have to, in the end, live as neighbors in this country we love.”

Her story gave me pause. Being a mother, trying to feed your children, trying to stay alive and at the same time, never giving up hope on the country you love is not easy. I know all moms out there echo this brave mom’s sentiments. We vote wisely, knowing that this is our country and no one will come from outside to run it for us. It belongs to us.

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