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Ann is a single mum of 2 (girl and boy 8 and 7 respectively). She is an administrator in the Real Estate sector. Apart from this she also does English<>Swahili translations as well as creating hand-woven floor mats, carpets and rugs.

She raises her children single handedly and has not had a nanny for the last 3 years!

Kenyan Mom: What experiences with your child are most memorable for you?

Ann: Their excitement when I changed their school and they could speak English fluently.

Kenyan Mom: Sounds exciting! We always assume that we are here to teach children, then we end up learning from them. Have you had your children ‘Teach’ you something? What?

Ann: How quickly they forget things that make them sad.

Kenyan Mom: Isn’t it amazing how they can switch from sad to happy in an instant? The most important meal of the day. What’s in your child’s breakfast tray?

Ann: Uji/mandazo or slices of bread.

Kenyan Mom:Balancing work and children, any 2 tips that you would give us Moms that works for you?

Ann: Arranging the activities that have to be done. For me my children come first. In the morning I wake them up, dress them for school, prepare their breakfast and when they are picked by the van in the morning, I am now free to have my breakfast and prepare to go to work. Since I also work from the house, I make sure I have attended to all their needs including helping them with homework, bathing them, cooking for them, making sure they feed and putting them to bed. Then I can now continue with my work.

Kenyan Mom: Independence is what we Moms seek for our children. How do you get your children to help around the house, thus fostering this independence?

Ann: I avoid as much as possible giving them tasks in the kitchen. But they will often come asking what they can help me do. They polish their school shoes, bath themselves although once in a while I have to do it to make sure they do it right, sweeping the house and making sure the sitting room is neat.

Kenyan Mom:Any child, from toddling age has an activity they gravitate towards. What extra-curricular activities do your children enjoy most?

Ann: Singing and reading.

Kenyan Mom: Very focused, your children…! What is your rule regarding snacks and what would you prefer they have in their snack box/plate?

Ann: They know sweet things spoil their teeth. I always buy them snacks on Fridays.

Kenyan Mom: Instilling discipline. Are you pro or con ‘Spare the rod spoil the child?’ What other methods work for you and your children?

Ann: I will pinch lightly and mostly we sit down and talk to make them understand why doing something is wrong.

Kenyan Mom: I agree. The most important thing is to explain to a child why they are being punished. One last word to all moms.

Ann: Our children’s lives have been laid in our hands by God. We should therefore parent with Guidance from God.

Isn’t she a super-mom, this one? 3 jobs, including parenting, and she takes it all in stride! If you are a mom and you’d like to be featured on The Kenyan Mom, click on the image below and you could be next!

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  • Ann is a personal friend and i envy her so much, she is so focused good with her kids and very hard working. how I pray that the lord fulfills your hearts desires

    • I pray the same for her also and hopefully, we can assist by directing clients to her for the hand made rags and carpets.

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